TV advertising time is not transferable. 


The advertiser/orderer is responsible for ensuring that an advertisement is not unlawful, including not infringing the rights of third parties. This applies regardless of TV 2 DANMARK A/S's acceptance of the advertisement for publication. The advertiser/orderer guarantees that the advertising is legal, that the necessary permits have been obtained, and that all rights in connection with the agreed use of the advertising have been finally cleared. The advertiser/orderer shall indemnify TV 2 DANMARK A/S and any other party involved in the publication of the advertisement against any loss suffered by them as a result of unlawful advertising. At all times, TV 2 DANMARK A/S is obliged to reject advertisements that TV 2 DANMARK A/S considers to be contrary to applicable law. TV 2 DANMARK A/S also has the right to reject advertisements that TV 2 DANMARK A/S deems unsuitable for publication. 


In the event of non-publication, publication of incorrect advertising, incomplete publication, or other significant shortcomings attributable to TV 2 DANMARK A/S, the orderer shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the publication in question. In the event of image or sound loss in parts of the transmission area, a proportion of the amount paid shall be refunded. Losses comprising less than 10 per cent of the transmission area shall not give rise to a refund. The orderer may not assert any other claims against TV 2 DANMARK A/S. Complaints must be made in writing within five days of the date of publication. However, a complaint about an advertisement scheduled for re-insertion/re-broadcast before the five-day deadline must be made immediately. 


TV 2 DANMARK A/S is entitled to refuse, limit, or discontinue the publication of an advertisement, for example, in the event of:

  1. Intervention by public authorities or justified objections to the continuation of marketing.
  2. The advertisement is not received on time or does not comply with the technical specifications.
  3. The orderer does not pay on time. If the campaign is discontinued due to failure to pay, the full price still applies.

The refusal, limitation, or discontinuation of an advertisement does not release the advertiser/orderer from the obligation to pay. TV 2 DANMARK A/S is not liable for any loss suffered by the advertiser/orderer as a result of the rejection, limitation, or discontinuation of the advertisement. 


TV 2 DANMARK A/S will reject competitors' advertising which is deemed to potentially have a significant negative impact on TV 2 DANMARK A/S in terms of loss of users and/or loss of revenue. The decision on rejection will depend on a concrete assessment of:

  • The importance of the competitive relationship
  • Design and content of the specific advertising 


Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this agreement if the failure to perform is due to force majeure, i.e. war, earthquake, riot, nuclear damage, or the like, and if the party should not have taken the impediment into account at the time of signing the agreement or should have avoided or overcome it later.


TV 2 DANMARK A/S has the right to make a TV commercial available to third parties after the first broadcast. 


TV 2 DANMARK A/S's liability towards the orderer can never exceed the price for the publication of the advertisement.


Any dispute between the orderer and TV 2 DANMARK A/S arising from the parties' agreement shall be settled by the  City Court of Copenhagen.


TV 2 DANMARK A/S is obliged to ensure that all advertising shown on TV 2's channels complies with the applicable legislation. To avoid a situation where an advertisement has to be rejected, TV 2 DANMARK A/S offers to assess the legality of the advertisement already at the draft level. The responsibility for the legality of the advertising, however, rests with the advertiser/orderer, regardless of TV 2 DANMARK A/S' assessment. Please contact TV 2 Jura at phone number +45 39 75 75 75 for further information.

Subject to change without notice - including printing errors, price changes, and out of stock.



Compensation and commissions are calculated on the campaign price after the deduction of order-related discounts and advertiser discounts and are deducted when invoicing the campaign.


0.5% online and campaign management compensation is available on TV campaigns. The compensation is given to advertising and media agencies that use TV 2 MediaLink.


5% agency commission is available on all regional TV campaigns. The commission is paid to advertising and media agencies. Regional campaigns at national prices are subject to national rules on the payment of compensation.


A 1% security compensation is available on all advertising campaigns on TV 2's channels. The security compensation is granted to orderers who provide security for payment in the form of participation in Kreativitet & Kommunikation's ”Garantiordning for udvalgte danske medier”, on-demand guarantee, blocked account, or timely payment before viewing week. Prepaying customers will receive the compensation on a separate credit note after timely payment.


A 2% information compensation is available on all digital advertising campaigns. The information compensation is granted to ordering advertising and media agencies to the extent it is assured that:

  • Prices, formats, technical requirements, statistics and other standard conditions are updated.
  • Advertisers are notified of relevant information.
  • Experiences and results from own research relevant to TV 2 DANMARK A/S are disclosed.


  1. A 4% technical compensation is available on all digital advertising campaigns. Technical compensation is granted to ordering advertising and media agencies to the extent that compliance with TV 2 DANMARK A/S's technical specifications is ensured:
  • The ordering agency ensures to deliver the finished material to TV 2 at least 2 working days before execution.
  • Delivery conditions should be realistic so that necessary technical checks and implementation are handled properly. Delivery conditions also apply to 3rd party ad serving. Finished material is understood to mean flawless and well-functioning material that complies with TV 2's standard conditions.
  • The ordering agency ensures updating by use of 3rd party tracking. This means a start-up check that tracking is implemented correctly and data is transferred flawlessly.
  • The ordering agency shall ensure that TV 2's technical specifications, technical requirements, and other standard conditions are complied with.
  1. In case of compliance with TV 2's delivery conditions and specifications as well as formats, technical requirements and other standard conditions, the ordering agency shall be notified immediately after and at the latest 48 hours after receipt of the material and subsequent approval of the material, whether the material complies with the technical requirements, etc.
  2. If the requirements specified in points 1 and 2 are not met, TV 2 may subsequently charge the technical compensation for the order.

Subject to change without notice - including printing errors, price changes, and out of stock.




TV 2 is aware of its responsibility to society and conscious of the importance of ensuring that TV 2's activities are conducted in a manner that meets society's expectations of one of Denmark's leading media groups.

TV 2 adheres to the principles of corporate social responsibility and pursues a number of initiatives and objectives that support its corporate social responsibility and environmental concerns.

TV 2's procurement policy sets out the expectations TV 2 has of its suppliers and partners.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to respect human rights conventions.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to refrain from discriminating when hiring employees in relation to pay and other working conditions on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, political opinions, age, or disability.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to respect employees' free choice to form associations and their right to organise.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to comply with applicable rules and regulations on the working environment and to prioritise a healthy and safe working environment for its employees.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and to focus on their energy consumption and environmental impact.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and partners to respect national legislation as well as the Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption and the OECD Convention on Anti-Bribery of Public Officials.

TV 2's suppliers and partners are informed of the content of TV 2's procurement policy and are instructed to react if they do not agree with the principles or do not comply with the principles.

TV 2 expects its suppliers and business partners to communicate the content of TV 2's procurement policy to its employees, and TV 2 expects its suppliers and business partners to prioritise the principles in relation to their suppliers and business partners.

Should a supplier or partner inform TV 2 that the principles are not being fully complied with, or should TV 2 otherwise receive information to the effect that this is the case, TV 2 will enter into dialogue with the supplier or partner concerned to identify the obstacles to compliance with the principles. If TV2 considers that the non-compliance with the principles gross, or if the supplier or business partner shows a lack of interest in working towards compliance, TV 2 reserves the right to pursue termination of the business relationship in question.