TV 2 Reklamesalg offers advertisers to conclude annual agreements. An annual agreement is a written agreement between the advertiser and TV 2 Reklamesalg on the advertiser's expected revenue from the purchase of advertising space in a calendar year, across TV 2's platforms. An annual agreement guarantees the advertiser all the benefits associated with the agreed annual turnover from the very first campaign. Advertisers who conclude annual agreement with TV 2 Reklamesalg can include the following turnover:

  • Advertising time on TV 2
  • Advertising time on TV 2 Echo
  • Advertising time on TV 2 Charlie
  • Advertising time on TV 2 Fri
  • Advertising time on TV 2 News
  • Advertising time on TV 2 Sport
  • Advertising time on Addressable TV
  • Advertising time on Online-Video
  • and Mobil
  • Sponsorships



In 2023, customers who conclude a timely annual agreement with TV 2 will be offered particularly attractive conditions. These elements are included in the negotiated CPM prices which will be set out in the annual contract and concern the following elements:

  • Pricing of exposure packages
  • Extraordinary seasonal remuneration
  • Remuneration for timely booking of exposures
  • 40.00% Primetime guarantee (17:00-23:00) on exposure packages

The above elements are only valid on contract turnover declared before the deadline of Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 17.00. Customers who have not concluded a timely annual contract are not entitled to the above contract elements.



Advertisers who conclude an annual contract with TV 2 Reklamesalg by 17:00 on Tuesday 28 February 2023 will be offered the option to make all or part of the annual contract amount non-cancellable. An exceptional 2% cash discount is offered on the non-cancellable part of the annual contract. The extraordinary remuneration is forfeited for the non-cancellable turnover if the advertiser does not realise the agreed non-cancellable amount. Thus, if an advertiser enters into an annual contract of DKK 2.5 million and makes the DKK 2 million non-cancellable, this will be remunerated at 2% of DKK 2 million. If the turnover of DKK 2 million is not reached, the extraordinary remuneration will be forfeited. Thus, the full 2% extraordinary remuneration - both the part paid as a rebate and the part not paid - is charged to the advertiser in case the non-cancellable amount is not realised. The cash rebate will be paid in 2023 only on the traditional flow TV products included in a national annual contract.



The precondition for entering into a group agreement is, among other things, that the group/parent company owns 51% or more of the group companies.

Subject to change without notice - including printing errors, price changes, and out of stock.