When buying Specifics or Exposure campaigns on TV 2, advertisers receive a guarantee on each campaign. On the Specifics buy, the expected Exposures (18+) on a given spot are closely linked to the pricing, and the guarantee ensures the advertiser the delivery of exposures ordered. If the campaign does not achieve the expected number of exposures, TV 2 Traffic will place the remaining exposures secured by the guarantee in direct connection with the campaign. If different spot durations are used in the campaign, the compensation is calculated using the spot price index. If the campaign is not allowed to continue after a certain day of the week, TV 2 is notified of this. This is for the purpose of placing any compensation spots at the end of the campaign.


In 2023, the bank will be used only for the value of any sub-deliveries and adjustments. For sub-deliveries transfers to the bank, a de minimis limit of DKK 2,000 applies and receivables of less than DKK 2,000 are cancelled. Deposits in the bank must be used by 30 November 2023, and only any sub-deliveries from December 2023 can be carried over to 2024.

Deposits in the TV bank cannot be transferred to TV 2's digital bank.

All bank deposits used on campaigns in 2022 will be deducted from the invoice.


If a campaign runs continuously for the same company, TV 2 considers it as one campaign, regardless of the fact that several products are advertised or different commercials are used. In the event that campaigns are not created according to this guideline in TV 2 Medialink, TV 2 reserves the right to merge the campaigns. If there is a break in the campaign of more than 21 days, TV 2 defines this as a new campaign with a new campaign number.


Exposures are calculated on the basis of live or delayed transmissions up to 7 days after the day of transmission. Campaigns will generally only be calculated 8 working days after the campaign end date and will include live and deferred views until that day. Viewing on platforms other than TV is included as on TV.

Subject to change without notice - including printing errors, price changes, and out of stock.