In collaboration with the Danish broadcasters, Nielsen is launching Ad-Kode.

From February 1st, 2023, all new advertising spots and sponsorships must be assigned an
Ad-Kode before they can be sent in Flex, Adstream or Peach. The code will from now on be
the market's common advertising ID in the Danish TV market on traditional TV and


  • You can create Ad-Kodes for your advertising spots and sponsorships in the Ad-Kode tool from December 1st, 2022
  • On February 1st, the Nielsen Ad-Kode will become mandatory when advertising spots and sponsorships are delivered via Adstream, Peach and Flex.
  • It will not be possible to complete the delivery without the Ad-Kode after February 1st, 2023


What should I do if I want to use a spot that was previously submitted without a Nielsen Ad-Kode?

  • Advertising spots and sponsorships submitted without an Ad-Kode will be processed by the broadcasters until the end of February 2023
  • If your advertising spot or sponsorship is to be terminated after March 1st, 2023, it must be resubmitted to Adstream, Peach or Flex with a Nielsen Ad-Kode

If you need help with creating a Nielsen Ad-Kode, click here: Nielsen Ad-Kode Guide

If you want to know more about Nielsen Ad-Kode, click here: Nielsen Ad-Kode Information


This site will help you with information regarding upload of commercials.

Commercials do not include trailers or sponsor tags. For further information about trailer or sponsor productions please contact Anne Stendys: 


Contact information


Deadline for delivery

Commercials must be in TV 2´s possession 4 working days before the first broadcast date. For example if the campaign's starting day is on a Monday, the commercial should be delievered on Tuesday in the previous week. If we do not have the commercial before the deadline, without a prior agreement, we charge a fee. Be aware that the upload of a commercial can last up to two hours. The time of the transfer should be taken into account. Note that there may be tighter deadlines for the holidays. 


Music rigths reporting

You need to report the music information online at http:/ will be registered by sending an email to


Legal service

TV 2 recommends that you use our legal service to pre-approve commercials (storyboard etc.) before final production. 

Legal department is also available if you have questions about advertising law and they check all the uploaded commercials before transmission. For further information please contact TV 2 Legal on phone +45 39 75 75 75.


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