Step 1
Go to and sign in.

Step 2
Go to ‘Code Management’ and click on ‘Create Code’

Step 3

  • Click on ‘Search for Advertiser and Brand’’ to search for appropriate advertiser and brands.
  • Choose the advertiser/brand by clicking on the brand and fill out the rest of the fields.
  • The fields ‘Campaign’, ‘Model’, ‘Product Code’ are not mandatory. They will only make it easier for you to filter and search for specific codes in the ‘Code Management’ overview.

**Remember, when you search for a brand or advertiser, click ‘Exact’ to get a more specific search result and find the right brand or advertiser.!!! If you can't find the advertiser or brand when searching for it, please register the advertiser/brand by filling out the empty fields.

Step 4
**Uploading creative is only mandatory for streaming ads.
For others, feel free to upload if you want to.

Step 5
When you are done filling out all the information, click ‘Create New Code’ and the
code will be added to your table.
You will also receive an email containing the code.