Attn.: Notice to all agencies and production companies

In collaboration with the Danish broadcasters, Nielsen is launching Ad-Kode this winter.
From February 1st, 2023, all new advertising spots and sponsorships must be assigned an Ad-Kode before they can be sent in Flex, Adstream or Peach. The code will from now on be the market's common advertising ID in the Danish TV market on traditional TV and Streaming.

Why is a common Ad-Kode introduced?
- A common Ad-Kode is introduced to better identify spot variants, and thus enable improved reporting of campaigns, across broadcasters and channels (both traditional TV and streaming).

How do I assign an Ad-Kode to my advertising spot and sponsorship?
- You use Nielsen's Ad-Kode tool to generate an Ad-Kode for your advertising spot and sponsorship.
- You can find the Ad-Kode tool at the following URL:
- You will find a manual on how to assign your advertising spot and sponsor an Ad-Kode attached in the email.

Does it cost anything to create an Ad-Kode with Nielsen's Ad-Kode tool?
- It is free to create an Ad-Kode in Nielsen's Ad-Kode tool for your advertising spot and sponsorship.

When do I have to start giving my advertising spots and sponsorships Ad-Kodes?
- You can create Ad-Kodes for your advertising spots and sponsorships in the Ad-Kode tool from December 1st, 2022.

Can you omit to give your advertising spot and sponsorship an Ad-Kode?
- No, on February 1st, the Nielsen Ad-Kode will become mandatory when advertising spots and sponsorships are delivered via Adstream, Peach and Flex.
- It will not be possible to complete the delivery without the Ad-Kode after February 1st, 2023.

What should I do if I want to cancel a spot that was previously submitted without a Nielsen Ad-Kode?
- Advertising spots and sponsorships submitted without an Ad-Kode will be processed by the broadcasters until the end of February 2023
- If your advertising spot or sponsorship is to be terminated after March 1st, 2023, it must be resubmitted to Adstream, Peach or Flex with a Nielsen Ad-Kode.

Webinar and support
Nielsen holds webinars in December and January, where we will review the information from this announcement and show how to create an Ad-Kode for your commercial and sponsorship.

The dates for these webinars are:

- Tuesday 6/12 at 3pm
- Thursday 8/12 at 9am
- Thursday 5/1 at 2pm

Registration required: If you wish to participate in one of these webinars, please register via
this Google Form, after which you will receive a calendar invitation with a link to the
webinar from Nielsen.

If you need support regarding the allocation of Ad-Kode for your advertising spots and
sponsorships, you can contact Nielsen via this helpdesk: